Hear some of the carols recorded at Putney & Richmond 2011

Recordings of many of the carols from the Traditional Carols in London repertoire were captured last year (many thanks to Chris Hayes) and can be heard if you click on the "jukebox" icon above. A new window will open with a list of the available carols. Enjoy them and join in!


Please remember that this is not a rehearsed choir, but a great example of communal pub carol singing. Whilst it would be fair to say that the singing on one or two of the carols is maybe a little hesitant, these have been included to allow listeners to learn the tunes.



Holmfirth Anthem - Fran Wood

Mistletoe Bough - Derek Wood

The Christmas Tree - Jeff Dent

A Song for a Time - Ian Dedic


Thanks also to Fran for the keyboard accompaniment.